Wiki Technology in Civil Engineering - Questionnaire

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Wiki Technology in Civil Engineering - Questionnaire

The brief questionnaire below supplements a study by on the innovative use of information technology in civil engineering. You may also want to visit Structural Wiki - a prototype wiki for exchange of civil engineering knowledge, information and innovation. Thank you for your time and participation!

  Your industry:
1. Are you familiar with the wiki technology? Yes       No
2. Do you know what is Wikipedia? Yes       No
3. Have you ever used Wikipedia? Yes       No
4. Would you ever consider contributing to public wiki? Yes       No
5. Would you mind when advertising is used to support public wiki? Yes       No
6. Do you agree that wiki devoted specifically to the civil engineering community would be useful? Yes       No
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  Name or position (or both) and location:
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Survey has been completed - see results here.

About This Questionnaire

  • Majority of prospective respondents to the questionnaire were contacted by email.
  • You can see questionnaire running results here.
  • If you found this questionnaire interesting, please share it with your colleagues!