Beam Analysis

Software Description Price Rating
ADAP Legacy software from 1973 for linear static and dynamic analysis of arch dam-foundation systems. Source code in FORTRAN and related reports can be downloaded from the earthquake engineering online... not rated
Atlas 1D beam analysis program. Using Cross Hardy method, calculates moments, shears and reaction for a beam loaded by point or distributed loads. Interactive graphical user interface. not rated
BAP Continuous beam analysis. US Dollar 349 not rated
Beam Expert Design and detailing of reinforced concrete continuous beams. multiple load cases design for bending, shear, cracks and deflections professional HTML report automatic reinforcement detailing... Euro 50 not rated
Beamax Application for graphically creating, editing and analysing continuous beams. Free online 3.8000/5.0
BeamBoy Calculates engineering stress and deflection in structural beams and shafts. Free online not rated
cba (continuous beam analysis) Continuous beam analysis - calculates member forces and support reactions of a continuous beam. Free not rated
Cbeam (MCAL SOFT) Analysis of statically indeterminate beams. US Dollar 595 not rated
Cold-Formed Steel BeamDesign Cold-Formed Steel BeamDesign is a software for the design of flexural members of Cold-Formed Steel, following AISI 2001 and 1996/99 Specifications. The principal aim is to analyze a simple or... US Dollar 59 not rated
Delta Beam Delta Beam is a continuous beam structural analysis software. It includes a full complement of features that makes it suitable for any job from a small beam to very complex beam structures. Both... US Dollar 50 5.0000/5.0
Dr. Beam Pro Direct manipulation beam analysis environment. US Dollar 109 not rated
FBEAM Composite beam design program. Enables to evaluate fire resistance and optimize cellular beams. Free not rated
IDX Beam Analysis Program The IDX Beam Analysis Tool provides complete analysis of deflection and stresses on any beam. Its intuitive interface enables immediate productivity, while more advanced features allow great... US Dollar 299 not rated
LGBEAMER LGBeamer is program for analyzing single and multi-span beams using cold-formed stud, joist, track, z-shaped and HSS sections. US Dollar 499 not rated
LTBeam LTBeam is a software which deals with the elastic "Lateral Torsional Buckling of Beams" under bending action about their major axis. LTBeam is a software to be used for the Design of Steel... Free not rated
Matbeam Matbeam is a complete beam analysis tool featuring analysis capabilities for static and moving live loads on single and multi-span bridges. US Dollar 750 not rated
MicroBEAM Calculation of shear and force moment diagrams (including numerical output in tabular format) for simple and continuous beams. Design of reinforced concrete sections. not rated
NG Place holder for rejected software submissions. not rated
ProSteel Steel beam and column design to BS5950. Also includes simple connection checking and analysis of openings through beam webs. British Pounds 149 not rated
Statics Statics is a mobile software for every engineer (in particular civil or building), architect, Statics and Building science student. It is a fast standard beam solver (simply supported, cantilever... US Dollar 1.99 not rated
StruCalc for Windows StruCalc is intuitive structural analysis and design program that enables to quickly size beams, columns, and footings. US Dollar 495 (US Dollars 495 Single License (US Dollars 60 Each Additional License)) 5.0000/5.0
SuperBeam UK Steel and timber beam and column design to BS449 and BS5268. British Pounds 149 not rated
SuperBeam USA Steel and wood beam and column design to AISC ASD 13th edition and NDS 2001. US Dollar 99 not rated