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Title Description Software Country
4Projects United Kingdom
Title Description Software Country
A. C. Houlsby Australia
AASHTO United States
Abaqus, Inc. United States
Abes Austria Austria
ACCA Software

Italian software company that develops software for architects and engineers.

Some of the products developed with the ACCA software are license using the FreeUPP (Free Use Pay Print) method...

Ace Rendering

Ace Rendering Company is located in beautiful city of Shanghai, China. We are committed to providing architects, designers, real estate developers with excellent renderings, cad conversions,...

Acronym Software, Inc. Canada

Software company specializing in developing software for analysis and design of concrete structures, including reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and post-tensioned concrete. The company...

United States
ADINA R & D, Inc. United States
Adobe United States
AEC Logic Private Limited

AEC Logic develops cutting edge software for the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry to quickly plan, procure and execute large infrastructure projects. We offer end-to-end...


Publisher of online applications and mobile device applications for structural engineering.

Aik-Siong Koh, PhD United States Bulgary
Alexander C. Schreyer
Algor, Inc. United States
Alireza Afkhami Canada
Altiscad Software Romania
Ameri-CAD, Inc. United States
American Iron and Steel Institute United States

AMPS employs the latest FE technology using the best computer science software engineering implementation. Fully coupled fluid solid interaction with Conservative Weighted Optimal Least-Squares...

United States
AnalySwift, LLC

Developer and distributor of software for efficient high-fidelity composite modeling based on the variational asymptotic method.

United States
Anaxsoft Greece
ANSRuop Greece
ANSYS, Inc. United States
Antolin Martinez Venezuela
Applied Science International, LLC

Applied Science International, LLC is dedicated to "Changing the Known Built World" by bringing an advanced level of scientific inquiry to the examination, analysis, and study of...

United States
ASDIP Structural Software United States
ASITE Solutions Ltd. United Kingdom

ASVIC develops and distributes CAD-based software products for a wide range of engineering fields ranging from Mechanical, Piping, HVAC and Structural Steel Detailing.

ATIR Engineering Software Israel
Title Description Software Country
Bentley Systems, Inc. United States
BEST (Bridge Engineering Software & Technology) Center United States
Bestech Systems United States
Bestech Systems Limited United Kingdom
BIW Technologies

BIW Technologies is a leader in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business applications to support successful delivery and management of built assets.

United Kingdom
Black Mint Software, Inc. Canada
Blue Leaf Software

Company specializing in scientific and technical software for the Microsoft Windows platform.

New Zealand
Borowski Engineering and Analytical Services, Inc. United States
Boss International United States
Bridge Assessment Ltd

Developer of software for calculating, organising and presenting structural section properties for use in the assessment of bridge structures

United Kingdom
Bridge Automation
Bridge Software Institute (BSI)

The Bridge Software Institute (BSI) is headquartered at the University of Florida (UF) in Gainesville, Florida. It was established in January 2000 to oversee the development of bridge related...

United States Engineering Spreadsheets
United States
BridgeSight Inc.

BridgeSight Inc is an open source bridge engineering software company. Founded in 1996, we offer products and services to help you maximize your productivity and your budget with open source...

United States
Bridgesoft, Inc United States
BSDI Ltd United States
Business Collaborator Limited United Kingdom
Title Description Software Country
CAD Studio Inc.

CAD Studio Inc. (formerly Xanadu) is a leading Czech Autodesk Value Added Reseller (& Autodesk Top Dealer 1994-2010), Autodesk Developer, Autodesk Training Center and HP Preferred Partner.

Czech Republic
CADRE Analytic United States
Cadweb Limited

Cadweb is established provider of Project Extranet services in the UK. The company has been working to improve the process of information exchange, retrieval and storage on construction projects...

United Kingdom
Cambridge University Technical Services Limited United Kingdom
Canadian Wood Council Canada
Cascade Consulting Associates, Inc. United States
Castalia srl

Castalia srl is a software house and an engineering consultant company working in the field of structural engineering.

Causeway United Kingdom
CeAS - Center for Structural Analysis

CeAS is an engineering company whose name is successfully associated since 25 years to structural analysis and design, in several engineering branches such as civil, infrastructures, industrial...

Centre Technique Industriel de la Construction M France
Cervenka Consulting

Cervenka Consulting has been founded in 1992. Currently, our team consists of 11 full time engineers/developers/specialists, 2 external programmers, and several students. The company specializes...

Czech Republic
Christophe Geuzaine Belgium
Cimmetry Systems, Corp. Canada
CIMNE (International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering)

The International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering is an autonomous research and development center dedicated to promoting and fostering advances in the development and application of...

Civil and Structural Computer Services Limited United Kingdom
CivilState, LLC United States
CivilTech Software United States
Collier Research Corporation United States

ColumbiaSoft is a leading provider of affordable enterprise document management solutions. We offer comprehensive document management solutions that help businesses and organizations of all sizes...

United States
Computational Limit Analysis & Design Unit (CLADU) United Kingdom
Computations & Graphics, Inc. United States
Computers and Structures United States
Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) United States
Construction Software Advice
United States

Constructivity develops integrated building lifecycle software for architecture, engineering, construction, and operations. Reads/writes 100% of IFC, including IFC2x3 and IFC2x4. Features 3D...

United States
CSC, Ltd.

Software and solutions for structural engineers.

United Kingdom United States

CTSpace is a collaboration company providing global solutions to manage documents, data and business processes to improve communications.

United States
Cubus Engineering Software Israel Israel
Cuylaerts Engineering Belgium
CyberLogic, Inc. United States
CYPE Ingenieros Spain
Title Description Software Country
Damian Janicki

Developer of Excel spreadsheets for structural engineers.

United Kingdom
Danish bridge directorate Denmark
Danish Building Research Institute Denmark

Datacubist is a software company focused at solving data exchange problems in the AEC/FM industry.

David Childs United Kingdom
David Homes
Deep Excavation, LLC

Deep Excavation LLC is a geotechnical consulting company that also develops geotechnical calculation and design software programs.

Initial research by the founder in deep excavations at the...

United States
Delta Structural Software United States
Designerswest United States United States
Devco Software, Inc.

Devco Software, Incorporated, was established in 1995 to compliment the design services of Devco Engineering, Inc.. As a group of professional Structural and Civil Engineers, we realized there was...

United States
Dietmar Hosser Germany
Digital Canal Corporation United States
Dlubal Software GmbH Germany
Dr. Software, LLC United States
Title Description Software Country
Ebatech Engineering Associates Ltd Kenya
Edward L. Wilson

Retired professor of structural engineering at the University of California, Berkeley.

United States
ENERCALC Engineering Software United States
Engineering Fundamentals United States
Engineering Software Solutions
Engineering Software Solutions (EngiSSol)

Engineering Software Solutions is an engineering software development and consulting company dedicated to provide robust and scientifically advanced software solutions in any field of civil and...

United States
Engineers Edge
Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) United States
ePin United Kingdom
Eric B. Williamson United States
Eric Rechlin
Eriksson Technologies, Inc. United States
Eskudos United Kingdom
Title Description Software Country
Fabsec United Kingdom

Falcon are specialists in document scanning and document management systems and provide consultancy, software, training, scanning services and electronic archiving.

United Kingdom
FEGEN Software Co. Ltd
Ferrari Alberto

Developer of software for structural engineering.

Fine Ltd.

Fine belongs among leading producers of civil engineering software in the Czech Republic. It has been developing and supplying programs for structural analysis, design, foundation and geotechnics...

Czech Republic
Frank Rieg
Title Description Software Country
G. M. Wolsink Netherlands
GEO-SLOPE International, Ltd.

GEO-SLOPE's geotechnical software is the industry standard in the geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering world. GEO-SLOPE products are used for slope stability analysis, groundwater...

Geomate Company

Developer of predictive engineering software programs, such as GrafiCalc, CadCalcs, SectionCalc and ToleranceCalc.

United States
Georgia Tech - CASE Center United States
Geosolve United Kingdom
gINT Software United States
Google United States
Gordon Erickson and Associates Inc. United States

GRAITEC is a major software developer committed to providing a highly professional complete CAD and Analysis solution dedicated to Structural Engineering and Construction, able to offer a complete...

Grape Software, Inc. Canada
Graphisoft R&D zrt. Hungary
Greentram Software Pty Ltd

Developer of software for design of timber and steel beams and columns.


Publisher and distributor of software for structural, civil and geotechnical engineering.

United Kingdom
Guedi Capeluto Israel
Guido Dhondt and Klaus Wittig Germany
Title Description Software Country
Harpaceas srl

Founded in late '80s by an idea of a group of structural and civil engineers, Harpaceas is an ideal technological Partner for Civil Engineering software and consulting solution. Our mission...

HeadsView/TechSOFT Engineering Services India
HNTB Companies United States
United States
Title Description Software Country
Ian MacPhedran

IDEA rs, established in 2010, develops a new generation of software for concrete, steel and pre-stresses construction checks.

Czech Republic
IDX Design United States
Institut fur Solartechnik Switzerland
Integrated Engineering Software, Inc.

Developer of structural analysis and design software for engineering.

United States
Integrated Environmental Solutions Ltd. Ireland
Inter-CAD Kft Hungary
Intergraph Corporation

As a 35-year veteran provider of software and services, Intergraph offers industry-proven solutions capable of addressing the most demanding projects. Intergraph provides its clients with industry...

United States
Iturribizia, S.L.
Title Description Software Country
Jason Gobat

Developer of geotechnical, structural and environmental engineering software.

Jeff Lutzenberger
JG Design Services United Kingdom
John Williams Detailing, Inc. United States
Juntunen Bridge Systems United States
Title Description Software Country

Kitware, Inc. creates and supports leading edge, high quality software in the fields of computer vision, medical imaging, visualization, 3D data publishing, and technical software development....

United States
KJH Consulting, LLC United States
kSoft, Inc. United States
Title Description Software Country
LARSA Inc. United States
LEAP Software, Inc. United States
Lira Soft Ukraine
LISA - Finite Element Technologies, Sonnenhof Holdings Canada
LogicSphere Limited United Kingdom
LUSAS United Kingdom
Lutz Roeder
Title Description Software Country
MacroSoft United States
Mageba Switzerland
Mark Austin United States
MasterControl Inc.

MasterControl is a provider of quality and compliance software that enables highly regulated companies to accelerate compliance.

United States
Mattia Campolese

Mattia Campolese, a graduate in civil engineer from University of Rome "Roma Tre" specializing in hydraulics and structural engineering (Thesis in Building science : "Calculation of...

MDX Software
United States
Mechatools Technologies

Mechatools Technologies specializes in numerical simulation and finite elements in engineering.

MicroBEAM Foundation Thailand
Microsoft United States
Midas MIDAS Information Technology Co., Ltd. Korea
Midas Russia

A dealer of Midas software in Russia - JSC ASPO.

Russian Federation
MIDASoft Consulting Engineers, Inc. United States
Modern Steel Construction United States
MoreVision Limited

MoreVision is an engineering consulting company that offers finite element analysis, strain gage testing, mechanical engineering consultancy and software development.

United Kingdom
MSC Software Corporation United States
MultiSuite Software
Title Description Software Country
National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering

Since 1972, NISEE has guided discovery of significant earthquake engineering information resources. NISEE is supported by the University of California, Berkeley and by personal memberships in The...

United States
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) United States
National Instruments United States
NavisWorks United Kingdom
Nemetscheck Allplan Germany
Nemetschek Scia

Nemetschek Scia develops software products for structural analysis and structural engineering in the construction industry. With their flagship product Scia Engineer, you can analyse, design and...

Newforma United States

Founded in 1979, Newsoft was the first company in Italy geared to the production of structural engineering software. It has always offered its customers an innovative software for reliability of...

Noran Engineering Inc. United States
NYacad, Inc. United States
Title Description Software Country
Oasys Limited
Objexx Engineering, Inc.

Objexx develops advanced engineering and scientific software including the ObjexxSISAME structural modeling system.

United States
OBVIS Ltd United Kingdom
Omnitech Associates, Inc. United States
Open Cascade

OPEN CASCADE is an Information Technology Company of EURIWARE group, which is a subsidiary of AREVA group. OPEN CASCADE provides services in the domain of scientific and...

Opti-Mate Inc. United States
Organice Belgium
Title Description Software Country
Parallel Graphics United States
Passive House Institute Germany
pcaStructurePoint United States
PDE Solutions Inc
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation United States
Petr Krysl United States
Piero Gelfi Italy
Plaxis Netherlands
Prexco Italy
Primavera Systems, Inc. United States
Pro/Bridge Engineering Canada
Proektsoft EOOD

Developer of software for structural design.

Title Description Software Country
QuakeFrame Software Ltd
Title Description Software Country
Ramboll Denmark A/S Denmark
Rekenwonder Software
Research Engineers International (REI)

REI was acquired by Bentley in 2005.

United States
Risa Technologies United States
Robert L. Taylor

Professor at the University of California, Berkeley. Research interests include mechanics of solids, computational mechanics, finite element methods, and finite element software.

United States
Robobat France
Title Description Software Country
S.E. Software
SAFI Quality Software Inc. Canada
San Lee
Santamas Bros, Architects & Engineers Cyprus
Sarcophagus Ltd. United Kingdom
Scanscot Technology Sweden
SDS/2 United States
Sigma-X Ltd Ireland
SJK Consultancy India
SOFiSTiK AG Germany
Soft AS

Spanish provider of software for cost estimating and building management since 1980 with 40 000+ end users.

Soft Steel, Inc.

Soft Steel Inc. was created to develop tools and technology for the construction industry that are intuitive, easy to use, and powerful. Their mission is to not only provide these tools to you,...

United States
SoftDraft, LLC United States
Software Advice United States
SoftXS GmbH

SoftXS specializes in supporting inter-company collaboration on construction projects. Our mission is to provide document and data management services and systems suitable for the needs of the...

Solibri, Inc.

Solibri, Inc. was founded in 1999 to develop and market solutions that improve the quality of Building Information Models (BIM) and make the entire design process more productive. Solibri is well...

SolidWorks Corporation United States
SOLVIA Engineering AB Sweden
South Fork Technologies, Inc. United States
SpaceClaim Corporation

SpaceClaim is the world's first Natural 3D Design system empowering product development contributors to create and edit models in a fraction of the time. Unlike feature-based CAD systems,...

United States
SSDCP, Inc. United States
Steel Biz France France
Steels Plus
Strand7 Pty Ltd Australia
StrucSoft Solutions Ltd.
Structural Research & Analysis Corp. United States
Structural Soft, LLC United States
Structural Software, Inc.
United States

StructureLabs works in the areas of structural engineering R&D, testing and calculation software.

It maintains a OpeN Calculation Environment (on-c-e)...

United States
Synergis United States
Title Description Software Country
Tango International, LTD United States
tBits Global (P) Ltd United States
TDV Consulting Group

Original developer of RM2006 bridge design software used for analysis of signature steel, concrete, and composite bridges worldwide. The RM2006 software was acquired by Bentley Systems, Inc. in...

Technical University of Denmark Denmark
Techno Consultants Ltd. United Kingdom
Tekla Corporation Finland
The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd United Kingdom
The Smith Canal Software Company United States
Thermal Engery System Specialists (TESS) United States
TNO Netherlands
TNO DIANA BV Netherlands
Trix Systems Sweden

Real time stability analysis software for thin walled members.

Tsoft Lebanon
Title Description Software Country
UNIT4 Collaboration Software Limited United Kingdom
Universal Technical Systems, Inc. United States
University of California, Berkeley United States
US Radar Inc

US Radar is a technological leader in the design and innovation of surface and ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems. If you need to see what is on the other side of a surface, their high-profile...

United States
Utah State University United States
Title Description Software Country
V-Consult Limited United Kingdom

Viathor is a developer of concrete bridge design software based in California, USA.

United States
Title Description Software Country
Washington State Department of Transportation United States
Woodard Engineering

Woodard Engineering is mechanical engineering consulting and author of low cost finite element and related software.

United States
Wutec Geotechnical International

Wutec Geotechnical International is dedicated to the development and application of geotechnical software products. We feature on geotechnical earthquake engineering and soil dynamics including 2D...

Wyoming Department of Transportation United States
Title Description Software Country

XANADU Inc. (formerly AAC Solutions/CAD Studio) is a leading Czech Autodesk Value Added Reseller (& Autodesk Top Dealer 1994-2006), Autodesk Developer, Autodesk Training Center and HP...

Czech Republic
Title Description Software Country
Title Description Software Country
ZoftAware, Inc. Software