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Software Name: CAL-91

Legacy software from 1991 to facilitate teaching of structural analysis concepts. Source code in FORTRAN and related reports can be downloaded from the earthquake engineering online archive maintained by University of California Berkeley.

CAL-91: Computer Assisted Learning of Structural Analysis

Wilson, Edward L.

Department of Civil Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 1991,

The basic purpose of the CAL language is to bridge the gap between traditional methods of teaching structural analysis and the use of automated structural analysis programs. As a result of using CAL-91, it is hoped that engineers will understand the theory and approximations which are used in modern structural analysis programs. CAL-91 is designed to interpret a sequence of commands which are supplied by the user. The commands can be given directly in an "interactive mode," or the program can read the commands from a "batch data file." The input has been redesigned so all commands, array names, and data are in free- field form. Commands for matrix analysis, direct stiffness structural analysis, and dynamic response analysis are possible. The program is written in standard FORTRAN 77 and will operate on small microcomputers or large mainframe computers. Printer plots of results can be produced. CAL-91 is used to perform linear dynamic analysis of small structural systems. It is possible to solve the following types of dynamic problems: 1. Evaluation of free-vibration mode shapes and frequencies. 2. Automatic generation of Ritz vectors to be used in mode superposition analysis or response spectra analysis. 3. Mode superposition analysis due to arbitrary loading. 4. Response spectra analysis due to earthquake loading. 5. Step- by-step analysis of structural systems with arbitrary viscous damping.

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