Overall Rating 1.0000/5.0
Reliability Rating 1.0000/5.0
Stability Rating 1.0000/5.0
Ease of Use Rating 1.0000/5.0
User Interface Rating 1.0000/5.0
Software Name: DesconBrace

Descon Brace is a steel connection design software for Braced Frame type structures. It is a Windows based program with a graphical user interface for defining the input data and for reviewing the design drawing and calculation report.

ASD and LRFD versions of Descon Brace are available. Both versions use the Uniform Force Method where it is applicable.

Descon Brace designs Chevron, Knee, and K- Braces as well as braces connected to column base and Beam-Column joints where up to four braces and two beams may exist. Beams and braces may be added to or removed from the joint configuration by simple mouse operations. The section designations, material names, bolts, and welding electrodes are defined using pull-down menus and option buttons, and their data are automatically fetched from the program's database. Member forces are input by the user, and Descon Brace designs and/or checks the brace to gusset connection, gusset plates, gusset to beam and column connections, and the local stresses in the column and beams.

Descon Brace creates and prints a scaled drawing showing the connection details. Callouts, dimension lines, and weld symbols can be moved to preferred locations in the drawing area with the mouse. Descon Brace creates a dxf file of the drawing for importing into CAD systems.

Descon Brace generates a calculation report that includes the formulae in symbolic and numerical formats and the result of the computations. The design report can be reviewed on-line by opening the Report window. A GoTo command provides a fast jump to the calculations for specific items in the report.

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Trial Version (Free)
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Rating Overall: 1/5.0
Reliability: 1/5.0
Stability: 1/5.0
Ease of use: 1/5.0
User Interface: 1/5.0

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