steel detailing

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2D3DSteel 2.1 is an AutoCAD VLX application that draws accurate steel shapes in AutoCAD 2000 through 2007. Any of the shapes available in ShapeBook can be quickly added, in 2D or 3D, to your...

not rated
Advance Steel

Advance Steel was specifically developed for industry professionals that require a comprehensive and completely integrated package in AutoCAD. Advance Steel automates the entire structural CAD...

Euro 7800 not rated

AutoCad extension to produce drawings and dimensions for steel stringers for fabrication. User inputs run and rise for stairs, AutoStairs draws and dimensions stringers ready for fabrication.

not rated

AutoCad extension to produce drawings for structural steel beams and columns. Auto backoffs, copes, and dimensioning. draws and dimensions beams and columns from user input and AISC data file.

not rated

Descon Brace is a steel connection design software for Braced Frame type structures. It is a Windows based program with a graphical user interface for defining the input data and for reviewing the...


DesconWin is a software program for designing beam-to-column connections, beam and column splices, and beam to girder connections, of steel buildings. Simple shear connections, and partially or...

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A fully automated structural steel detailing system. Build your model on the screen visually in 3D using Graphical Material Input (GMI), apply your connections, either globally or drag-and-drop,...

US Dollar 3000 to 5000 not rated

AutoCAD application with a set of tools for accurate detailing of structural steelwork. Suitable for number of tasks ranging from setting-up a general arrangement to the...

not rated

Structural steel design software for AutoCAD in 2D and 3D steel. Wide range of automated features. Full design links. Specialized modules for platforms, stairs, rigs and offshore.

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RCAD Reinforcement

RCAD is a new leading edge solution for the modeling and drafting of steel and concrete structures. RCAD can be used in a variety of situations and, built upon the philosophy of integrated...

not rated
RCAD Steel

RCAD is a new leading edge solution for the modeling and drafting of steel and concrete structures. RCAD can be used in a variety of situations and, built upon the philosophy of integrated...

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SDS/2 Detailing System

SDS/2 enables one to automatically design connections using a 3D model with a multitude of options for beams, columns, bracing and joists.

Connections are designed based on parameters that...

not rated

ShapeBook with 2D3DSteel is a quick reference and AutoCAD parametric drafting application for structural steel design and detailing. ShapeBook is based on the AISC Manual of Steel Construction...

not rated

FEA and CAD software for civil and structural engineering modeling, analysis, design, and detailing. SOFiSTiK is one of the most complete FE packages and covers almost all structural engineering...

Euro 15000 not rated
Soft Steel

Soft Steel is a three dimensional Structural Steel Detailing Software for any type of structural steel project.

Embedded built-in AutoCAD commands and extensive use of ARX Technology...

not rated

SoftScan is a generic Bill of Material scanner designed to read data from various CAD systems (such as DWG or DXF) and to export them into many other output formats. Also creates a suite of...

US Dollar 1195 not rated
Software by NYacad, Inc.

Collection of programs for AutoCad by NYacad includes: SolidStructural - 3D steel autodetailing system; ACAD Officer; SDS Macro VA; Hatch Fast; SDS-DXF convert; etc.

not rated
Solid Structural

3D steel auto detailing, AutoCad-based software for structural steel and stairs. Steel framing and anchor bolt plans, elevations, shop drawings, and reports generated in auto regime.

US Dollar 2100 to 3700 not rated

AutoCAD-based product for making structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication drawings, plate-work details, anchor bolt plans, erection plans, e-sheet sections, and more. Drawings follow AISC...

US Dollar 895 to 7785 not rated

Automated steel detailing and fabrication software. Complies with AISC and CISC standards. Produces erection drawings and generates design calculations. Shop-ready drawings. Details most...

SteelPlus Detailing Bundle

Suite of steel detailing and drafting applications that work with AutoCad. Includes structural shapes, bolts/nuts/washers, joists and girders, steel floor and roof deck, and welding symbols....

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