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Software Name: ESOP

ESOP is software developed for Component Design and Analysis based in MS Excel with over 150 modules for various types of tasks, such as steel connections (various types) to British and US standards, section property calculations, steel design, fire calculations, wave loader, offshore design modules, castellated beam sections, finite elements, plates, membranes, auto mesh generator, apply loads, instant update of results, etc.

ESOP works on many levels: (1) As a workbook of standard modules that the user may access for carrying out everyday analysis and design work; (2) As a program that the engineer can use to write his own programs; (3) As a program that can automatically communicate bi-directionally with ROBOT Millennium, thereby facilitating the ability for the user to write their own pre and post processors for ROBOT - examples include connection design, wave loading etc.

The communication with ROBOT Millennium or other software may take the following forms: (1) Calculation modules will automatically capture the data from ROBOT Millennium (e.g. data concerning geometry, materials, sections, loads, internal forces, ...); (2) The modules may function as generators of completed models for ROBOT Millennium (e.g. generator of frames with the elements of variable section, combinations generator, generator of typical solutions of static models, ...); (3) The modules may extend the possibilities of results analysis of ROBOT Millennium (e.g. new types of results set-ups, additional results for non-linear problems, new design codes...); (4) A set of tools exist for users to easily extract data from ROBOT Millennium, such as member data, nodal data, forces, loads etc.

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