section properties

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Altiscad Intellishape

Altiscad Intellishape is a general purpose biaxial bending calculation software tool, developed to design and check any geometry cross section. The software allows to design and check the bearing...

Euro 850 4.0000/5.0

Determines sectional properties by the "integration of area" method.

US Dollar 595 not rated

Legacy software from 19992 to evaluate uniaxial and biaxial strength and deformation characteristics of reinforced concrete (R/C) sections. Source code in FORTRAN and related reports can be...

Free not rated

BrAsS (Bridge Assessment Software) is a section property calculator for compound sections with particular emphasis on riveted plate girders.

British Pounds not rated
Cadre Profiler

Determines sectional properties of custom cross section profiles including composite and multi-material sections. Analysis and design of sections.

US Dollar 109 not rated
CBeam (JBS)

Calculates sectional properties of composite beams.

US Dollar 99 not rated
Composite Beam Properties

Calculates elastic and plastic section properties for composite beams, with provision for asymmetric top and bottom flanges and a second plated bottom flange. Based on BS 5950 Part 3.1. Web-based...

Free not rated
Cross Section Analysis And Design

Cross Section Analysis And Design is a powerful application that can perform a wide range of cross section calculations, including the design of reinforced concrete sections.

The given...

Euro 450 to 450 not rated
Dlubal Software

Suite of programs for structural engineering.

Frame analysis package includes basic program (RSTAB, RSTAB 2D), steel structures add-ons (STEEL, KAPPA, LTB, FE-LTB, EL-PL, PLATE-BUCKLING,...

(Varies depending on configuration and modules) not rated

ESOP is software developed for Component Design and Analysis based in MS Excel with over 150 modules for various types of tasks, such as steel connections (various types) to British and US...

US Dollar 2500 not rated

Finite Element Analysis SDK for the .NET Framework. Use FEEA SDK to create the new generation of 32/64-bit scientific/technical .NET applications for the Windows platform.

(Call for price) not rated
Ferrari Alberto's Software - 10 programs

Various structural engineering programs developed by Ferrari Alberto:

  • TCI - analysis and design of reinforced concrete beams.
  • DORO - analysis and checking of...
not rated
GT Strudl

Structural Design & Analysis software programs for Architectural - Engineering - Construction (AEC), CAE/CAD, utilities, offshore, industrial, nuclear and civil works facilities.


US Dollar 2400 to 4750 not rated
LUSAS Civil & Structural

Structural engineering analysis software with comprehensive facilities for all types of civil and structural analysis including linear, nonlinear, staged construction, creep, prestress, post...

(Varies based on license and options) not rated
MasterKey Steel Design

Interactive program for comprehensive design of steel sections (I-Sections, Hollow Sections, Angles, Channels, and Tees) according to the BS 5950.

not rated

Integrated Solution System for Civil Structural Engineering. Features: unlimited number of nodes, elements and load combinations; construction sequence analysis; time dependent material properties...

PENNDOT LRFD and Engineering Programs

Suite of command line programs for bridge design and analysis, with text input and output files. Includes:

  • ENGASST - Engineering Assistant
  • ABLRFD - LRFD...
not rated
Piero Gelfi's Software - 9 Programs

Free software by Prof. Piero Gelfi developed in cooperation with his students:

  • SIMQKE - generating artificial accelerograms compatible with a given response spectrum.
  • ...
not rated
Plate I-Girder Section

Calculates noncomposite and composite (for modular ratios n and 3n) section properties for steel I-girders with concrete deck. Calculates cumulative stresses at critical locations for loads...

US Dollar 30 to 60 not rated

Training tool for EN 1993-1-1 (EC3), quikEC3 is useful electronic blue book which can calculate properties, section classifications and structural capacities for a wide range of section shapes,...

British Pounds 65 not rated
SAM Integrated Bridge Design Software

Specialized bridge design software for medium span bridges that integrates code checking with analysis. Contains modules for section properties, differential temperature analysis of any section,...

not rated

Computation of cross-sectional parameters for arbitrary cross-sections: location of the center of gravity, length of the perimeter, moment of inertia and radii of gyration, section moduli, ellipse...

Euro 360 not rated
Section Builder

Generation of steel, concrete and composite cross sections.

not rated

SectionCalc enables to quickly calculate the following 14 sectional properties from graphical input: area, centroid location, perimeter, moments of inertia (Ixx and Iyy), product of inertia, polar...

US Dollar 99 not rated

Calculates cross-sectional properties of thin-wall steel cross-sections: location of the center of gravity, cross-section area, moments of inertia and radii of gyration, ellipse of inertia,...

Euro 360 not rated

ShapeBook with 2D3DSteel is a quick reference and AutoCAD parametric drafting application for structural steel design and detailing. ShapeBook is based on the AISC Manual of Steel Construction...

not rated

Calculates geometric section properties.

not rated

Software for generation of steel, concrete and composite cross sections and stresses analysis.

US Dollar 99 5.0000/5.0
Sigma-X Section

Calculates geometric and material properties of standard, arbitrary and built Up sections. Features powerful drawing and editing tools including polar and orthogonal tracking, curves, shape...

Spreadsheets for Bridge Design

Collection of 14 Excel spreadsheets for (1) loading and analysis; (2) concrete design; (3) steelwork design; (4) composite design; and (5) geometry calculations.

Free 5.0000/5.0
Standard Steel Profiles

Standard Steel Profile is a free online application designed to present you all the data you need on standard steel profiles: geometry, mechanical and physical properties and resistance, based on...

Free not rated
Steel Expert

Design of steel elements with different shapes for axial force, biaxial bending, shear forces and torsion. Section classification, section elastic and plastic design, element design for axial,...

Euro 50 not rated
Steel for iPhone and iPod Touch

Steel for iPhone & iPod Touch is an application for Civil and Structural Engineers, Architects and Drafters. It Provides access to the American Institute of Steel Construction 13.0 and 13.0H...

US Dollar 3.99 not rated

Reference utility for the properties of structural steel shapes, both current and historical, used in the United States. Access section information as published in the American Institute of Steel...

US Dollar 25 not rated