FEA (finite element analysis)

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General-purpose finite element analysis (FEA) program for linear, nonlinear, explicit and multi-body dynamics problems.

not rated
ADAPT-Floor Pro

Program for analysis, design and investigation of slab systems: design of reinforced concrete slab systems; design of post-tensioned slab systems; import data from dxf, dwg files; import geometry...

(Contact the dealer for quote at sales@adaptsoft.com) 3.0000/5.0
Advance Design

Advance Design was specifically developed for industry professionals that require a superior solution for the structural analysis and design of Reinforced Concrete and Steel structures. Advance...

Euro 7500 not rated
Advanced Multi-Physical Simulation (AMPS)

Advanced Multi-Physics and general purpose FEA. Implicit and explicit solver options. Fluid flow, electrostatic and electromagnetic also available.

US Dollar 6000 to 12000 4.0000/5.0
Analysis for Windows

Finite Element Analysis package for 2D and 3D constructions (frames and trusses). Small and easy to use, with special focus on the user friendly Windows interface. Includes structural steel design...

Free not rated

Suite of general-purpose finite element analysis programs.


Structural analysis software for steel, concrete, wood, aluminum or composite structures. Design of steel and concrete beams, columns, slabs, membranes, shells.

Free not rated
Connection Study Environment (CSE)

CSE is a software program dealing with steel connections. The main innovation of CSE is that is can be used to design connections freely placing components, and, afterwards, check them. The...

Euro 1100 (The cost is Euro 1100 Annual Fee or Euro 4500 Permanent License) not rated

A Finite Element Differential Equations Analysis Library

deal.II is a C++ program library targeted at the computational solution of partial differential equations using adaptive finite...

Free not rated

DIANA is an extensive multi-purpose finite element software package that is used to analyse a variety of technically challenging problems that arise in a wide range of civil, geotechnical, and...

Euro 10000 to 40000 not rated

Structural design and analysis for buildings.

not rated

Software for static and dynamic analysis of multi-story reinforced concrete buildings (subject or not to seismic action) and for planning the reinforcement with customized style. Fast, reliable...

Euro 2500 not rated

ESOP is software developed for Component Design and Analysis based in MS Excel with over 150 modules for various types of tasks, such as steel connections (various types) to British and US...

US Dollar 2500 not rated

Multi-Dimensional finite element code for structural, continuum, solid mechanics, heat transfer, and coupled field simulations. Very flexible with static and dynamic time integration and steady...

US Dollar 750 to 1500 (US Dollars 750 (Academic), US Dollars 1500 (Commercial)) not rated

Finite Element Analysis SDK for the .NET Framework. Use FEEA SDK to create the new generation of 32/64-bit scientific/technical .NET applications for the Windows platform.

(Call for price) not rated

Component system that provides functionality for structural analysis using the Finite Element Method (FEM).

Free online not rated
FEPG (Finite Element Program Generator)

System suitable for solving FE problems in various scientific and engineering fields. Users only need to input all expressions and formulae for FEM, then FEPG can automatically generates the...

not rated
Ferrari Alberto's Software - 10 programs

Various structural engineering programs developed by Ferrari Alberto:

  • TCI - analysis and design of reinforced concrete beams.
  • DORO - analysis and checking of...
not rated

System for solving many types of partial differential equations using the finite element method.

not rated

The GEO5 suite of programs is designed to solve various geotechnical problems from foundation and wall design to stability and settlement analyses. The easy -to -use suite consists of individual...

450 to 11500 (Varies depending on included programs) 3.5000/5.0

Modelling of various geotechnical problems by the Finite Element Method.
The program can model a wide range of geotechnical problems including terrain settlement, sheet piling/diaphragm...

Euro 2350 not rated
GEO5 Package Educational

Fine offers software only at minimal price to cover program administration and maintenance. The price of 10 seats in the network within Educational licence is 900EUR. This price consists of the HW...

Euro (Depends on number of seats) not rated
GEO5 Pile Group

Analysis of group of piles (raft foundations, pile cap)

  • analysis of generally loaded pile group using the spring method (FEM)
  • analysis of vertical bearing capacity of pile group...
  • Euro 700 not rated
    GT Strudl

    Structural Design & Analysis software programs for Architectural - Engineering - Construction (AEC), CAE/CAD, utilities, offshore, industrial, nuclear and civil works facilities.


    US Dollar 2400 to 4750 not rated
    Internet Finite Element Resources

    Site devoted to finite element analysis software. Includes listing of public domain, shareware and commercial finite element analysis programs, plus many other resources related to finite element...

    not rated

    Free and affordable FEM software for linear static, thermal, eigenvalue, dynamic response and fluid analysis. Free 1300 node limit download. Includes comprehensive user manual and free technical...

    not rated
    LUSAS Academic

    LUSAS Academic is for use only by educational establishments for teaching purposes and research.

    By using the software protection device and licence key supplied, the full licenced version...

    US Dollar 700 (US Dollars 700 for first unsupported licence, US Dollars 70 for additional licences. Support option ) not rated
    LUSAS Analyst

    General engineering analysis software with highly regarded nonlinear and contact capabilities for all types of linear static, nonlinear, dynamic and thermal engineering analysis, including thermal...

    (Varies based on license and options) not rated
    LUSAS Bridge

    Finite element analysis software for the design, analysis and load rating / assessment of bridge types.

    Software in available in 3 software levels with software options available to extend...

    (Varies based on license and options) not rated
    LUSAS Civil & Structural

    Structural engineering analysis software with comprehensive facilities for all types of civil and structural analysis including linear, nonlinear, staged construction, creep, prestress, post...

    (Varies based on license and options) not rated
    LUSAS Composite

    Composite engineering analysis software with advanced shell and solid composite elements for all types of composite engineering.

    LUSAS Composite allows easy definition and visualisation of...

    not rated

    Finite element code with object oriented architecture that operates on various platforms. Efficient and robust tool for FEM computations as well as to provide modular and extensible environment...

    Free not rated

    OpenSees is an open source software framework for structural and geotechnical applications in both sequential and parallel environments. It has been developed in the research community as a means...

    Free not rated
    Pro/Bridge Geometry

    Pro/Bridge-Geometry is a versatile bridge modeling system that enables engineers to use the basic geometric parameters of road surface and bridge components to capture the complete 3-D geometry of...

    US Dollar 3500 not rated

    Real3D-Analysis a powerful frame-finite element analysis and design program built from ground up, with latest technologies from the fields of finite element analysis, numerical computation and...

    US Dollar 1500 not rated

    Open source Matlab object oriented finite element toolkit. Includes solvers for linear transient thermal analysis and elastodynamics. The finite elements include linear and quadratic triangles,...

    Free not rated
    TheStructuralEngineer.info Software Listing

    The software directory includes programs, spreadsheets and web applications on
    analyses of beams, frames, plates, bridge, design of steel and concrete as well as other related fields.

    not rated

    Open source finite element program for the analysis of structures. Written in C++.

    Free not rated

    Z88 is a free (OpenSource resp. Freeware) finite element software package available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Unix/Linux computers. Versions are available for 32-bit and 64-bit operating...

    Free not rated