Frame Analysis

Software Description Price Rating
2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition This application uses a highly flexible, general, finite element method for static and dynamic analysis of multi span beams, 2D trusses and 2D frames. It features a versatile and easy interface as... Euro 70 5.0000/5.0
Cadre Lite Finite element structural analysis software for beam type structures. Static and dynamic analysis capabilities. US Dollar 142 not rated
CALSD Education software for teaching of structural analysis. not rated
Dr. Frame Direct manipulation environment for interactive evaluation of 2D truss and frame structures. US Dollar 399 not rated
Dr. Frame 3D Direct manipulation environment for interactive evaluation of 3D truss and frame structures. US Dollar 899 not rated
Ebstra The software will analyze and design any 2 dimensional frame in reinforced concrete or structural steel. There is metric units (kN, m, mm) or imperial units (pounds, inches). For structural steel the... US Dollar 150 not rated
FastFrame 2D frame analysis program. not rated
Fin 2D Static analysis of 2D frame structures including computation of deformation and internal forces. Euro 180 not rated
Frame Solver 2D FrameSolver 2D for Windows is a software to model and analyze planar frames, trusses, and multi span beams. FrameSolver 2D has powerful graphical modeling capabilities with a Flexible Graphical User... US Dollar 35 not rated
Framework 2D and 3D frame analysis. 2D linear static, geometric nonlinear static, eigenvalue and influence lines analysis. 3D linear analysis. Free online not rated
Grape GBW32 3D beam and truss finite element program. US Dollar 189.95 not rated
MasterFrame Space, grillage and plane frame analysis. not rated
MasterFrame Dynamic Analysis Investigates forces and displacements resulting from dynamic loading. Calculates natural frequencies and modal shapes. not rated
MasterPort Portal frame analysis, design and drafting system not rated
P-Frame General 2D structural analysis software. 5.0000/5.0
QUIKFRAME Structural analysis tool for analysis of 2D frames. not rated
QUIKPORT Program for analysis of portal frames. Includes elastic, elastic-plastic and rigorous minimum weight plastic design - all in the one program. It also has advanced 2nd order and stability methods. not rated
RspBr2 Plane frame structural analysis program. Free online not rated
Skeleton Analysis of plane frames. Free online not rated
Truss 2000 Software for the analysis of planar or spatial truss structures. Allows local elastic and instability testing of the single bar and the testing of the global stability of the whole structure,... not rated
VersaFrame Frame analysis and design program with integrated concrete beam, concrete column and plate design. US Dollar 2495 not rated