Software Description Price Rating
APOLLO Legacy software from 1978 that incorporates a simplified procedure for one-dimensional analysis of generation and dissipation of pore water pressures in a sand deposit due to seismic excitation.... not rated
Aspen Software for the analysis of stratified slope stability using limit equilibrium methods, with automatic searching of the critical slip surface. Enables to account for the optional insertion of... not rated
Beam on Winkler Foundation Finite element analysis for a beam on elastic foundation. Beam consists of nodes and members. Automatic generation of non loaded additional nodes. Up to 8 loading cases, up to 15 loading... Free online not rated
BLOCK Legacy software from 1989 that utilizes block theory has been applied to the planning and design of surface and underground excavations. Source code in FORTRAN and related reports can be downloaded... Free not rated
EasyElsym5 An easy interface to the popular program ELSYM5 which calculates stresses, strains and deflections within a pavement cross section due to an applied load configuration. US Dollar 150 not rated
ELPLA Program for analyzing raft foundations of arbitrary shape with the real subsoil model. ELPLA can be also used to solve many other civil engineering problems not rated
GEO5 The GEO5 suite of programs is designed to solve various geotechnical problems from foundation and wall design to stability and settlement analyses. The easy -to -use suite consists of individual... 450 to 11500 (Varies depending on included programs) 3.5000/5.0
GEO5 Abutment The program provides facilities for bridge abutments and wing walls analysis. Abutment program is a part of a geotechnical software suite GEO5. It is easy to understand and use system comprises... Euro 540 not rated
GEO5 Earth Pressures The program computes basic earth pressures (active, passive pressure, and pressure at rest) acting upon an arbitrary curved structure. Program is a part of a geotechnical software suite GEO5. It is... Euro 450 not rated
GEO5 Ground Loss Risk assessment of building damage due to tunneling. The program is designed to analyze and determine shape of subsidence through above excavations and to evaluate damage of buildings situated in the... Euro 1070 not rated
GEO5 Package Educational Fine offers software only at minimal price to cover program administration and maintenance. The price of 10 seats in the network within Educational licence is 900EUR. This price consists of the HW... Euro (Depends on number of seats) not rated
GeoStudio 2007 Suite of applications for geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering. Includes the following products: (1) SLOPE/W for slope stability analysis; (2) SEEP/W for groundwater seepage analysis; (3)... US Dollar 995 to 11995 (Pricing depends on configuration) not rated
gINT Software Geotechnical and geoenvironmental data management and reporting. not rated
LatPilePro Finite element program for the analysis and design of retaining structures. Thouroughly validated against hand calculations and published field case studies. May model variable inertia system, braced... US Dollar 2500 not rated
M Series A collection of the following geotechnical programs: (1) MSheet addresses the design of sheet walls including distortions and stability for various excavation phases. The critical length is also... not rated
PEYSANJ Geotechnical software for calculation of (1) allowable bearing capacity of shallow foundations; (2) pressuremeter test analysis; (3) plate loading test; (4) soil liquefaction analysis; (5) lateral... 4.0000/5.0
Plaxis Plaxis is a family of the following products targeted towards solving geoengineering problems: Plaxis 2D: Finite element package intended for the two dimensional analysis of deformation and... not rated
Settle Calculates the short term and consolidation settlement of shallow foundations, as well as the time required to attain a certain settlement percentage. Contains handy tools to estimate the required... US Dollar 350 not rated
SLOPE Computer program for analysing the stability of slopes. The program is also applicable to earth pressure and bearing capacity problems. Optional facilities are available for the analysis and design... not rated
Slope Stability (Fine) The slope stability problem is solved in a two dimensional environment. The slip surface can be modeled in two different ways - the circular one (Bishop or Petterson method), or the polygonal one (... Euro 580 not rated
SoilClass SoilClass can assist the design engineer to determine estimates of the required soil design parameters (cohesion, friction angle, CBR, unit weight, ...), its suitability for various purposes (such as... US Dollar 550 not rated
Wutec Geotechnical Software Geotechnical earthquake engineering and soil dynamics software for 2D static and dynamic finite element analysis of soil-structure interaction; time-history analysis of soil liquefaction and ground... not rated