Foundation, Shallow

Software Description Price Rating
Beam (Fine) The program provides analysis of foundation beams resting on elastic subsoil. Beam program is a part of a geotechnical software suite GEO5. It is easy to understand and use system comprises... Euro 420 not rated
BearFoot Treats the general case of bearing capacity of shallow foundation. Determines the soil's bearing capacity by four methods, foundation settlement by two methods, calculates pressure distribution... US Dollar 500 not rated
GEO5 Micropile The program verifies tubular micropiles (micropiles reinforced by a steel tube). When calculating the micropile bearing capacity, the program checks both the micropile root and shaft. Euro 450 not rated
GEO5 Plate The program performs the analysis of foundation mats, slabs on grade of any shape using the Finite Element Method. Euro 1300 not rated
QuickRFooting Concrete spread footing design and checks. not rated