Timber Design

Software Description Price Rating
DOWEL Finite-element modeler for dowel-type connections (nails, bolts, lag screws, etc.) in wood-wood, wood-steel or any other type of connection material configuration. Free on WWW not rated
Framing Worx Software for design of entire building framing system in one 3D model. Import architectural drawings and start laying out framing plans with intuitive tools. Complete load path from roof to... US Dollar 2249 not rated
MasterBeam Timber Beam Designer Analysis and design of simple and continuous beams and sub frames with up to 16 spans. not rated
MasterKey Timber Design Interactive program providing comprehensive design of timber to BS 5268. not rated
Timber Design Written in cooperation with The Engineered Wood Society (APA-EWS), this structural engineering software program analyzes, designs or checks continuous beams or columns with optional cantilevers,... US Dollar 225 not rated
WoodWorks Sizer WoodWorks Sizer enables one to size beams, joists, columns and wall studs to meet the CSA O86-01 Standard (Candadian version) or 2005 National Design Specification (NDS) for Wood Construction (US... US Dollar 825 not rated