Software Description Price Rating
Adobe Acrobat 3D Software for publishing, visualization and review 2D and 3D designs. US Dollar 995 not rated
AnalysisGroup Tool for solving six common analysis problems: (1) Rectangular mat footings (multiple column or wall loads); (2) Flat rectangular plates in bending (walls, floors, with openings); (3) Shear wall... not rated
Barlist Reinforcing Steel Quantity Estimates. Interactive bend guide for selecting bend diagrams, and support for third party add-in components. Free online not rated
BEToolbox Collection of legacy bridge engineering tools by Washington Department of transportation. Includes: (1) BOXGIR - section properties of box girders; (2) COMGIR - computes bending stresses in the top... Free on WWW not rated
Box Culverts Box Culverts is a program developed for the design and analysis of reinforced concrete box culverts used for underpasses, subways, and drainage works . They can be rectangular, trapezoidal or any... Euro 958 not rated
BridgeLCC Life-cycle costing software for preliminary bridge design. Free online not rated
BROKE Legacy software from 1980 to to perform static or dynamic analysis of an electric transmission line system when one or more wires suddenly break. Source code in FORTRAN and related reports can be... Free not rated
Cadre Geo Design utility for generating a wide variety of geodesic and spherical 3D models (wire frame or solid) for CAD and finite element analysis applications. Outputs clean DXF files suitable for CAD or... US Dollar 75 not rated
CBS Pro CBS Pro is program for structural modeling, preliminary design and "load take-down" software object modeling. It enables to model multi-story structures in concrete and other materials. Using the "... not rated
Concrete Mix Design Software Suite FirstMix Lite - low cost concrete mix design software, FirstMix Express - determine optimal concrete mix proportions based on strength durability and workability requirements, FirstBreak - logging... US Dollar 79 to 420 not rated
DPOLES Evaluation of damaged signal/light poles and sign structures. not rated
FREET Multipurpose probabilistic software for statistical, sensitivity and reliability analysis of engineering problems. Simulate uncertainties of a problem at random variables level - material properties... not rated
Genetic Algorithm Optimization Spreadsheet Program that can be applied to any Excel spreadsheet to optimize calculation outcome. Allows to set up to five design parameters and up to five design constraints. Free online not rated
GEOPAK Site Dynamic, flexible, comprehensive and multidisciplinary site design for all project phases. not rated
GrafiCalc 2010 GrafiCalc 2009 is self-contained software that combines the disciplines of constrained sketching and "smart" calculations within one application that enables users to solve a wide range of design and... not rated
Load Combinations Spreadsheet to assembles load combinations from individual load cases. The spreadsheet is very flexible to perform load combinations for different design methods, such as allowable stress design (ASD... US Dollar 30 to 60 not rated
MasterFrame Flat Slab Construction Analysis, design and detailing of single and multi-story flat slab construction in accordance with BS 8110. not rated
MasterSeries 3D Model Manager Modeling environment for structural analysis and design processes. Supports advanced automation, yet enables close "Engineering control". not rated
MathGV Mathematical functions graphing software for plotting 2 dimensional, parametric, polar, and 3 dimensional functions. Free online not rated
MWF MWFt - Metal Wood Frame is a Wood and Light Guage metal framing software tool running as an extension to Autodesk Revit Structure or Architecture. MWF is a template driven application that recognizes... not rated
Probid not rated
RiverCAD RiverCAD is a sophisticated river modeling software than can be used for evaluation of bridge scour. The software was developed in cooperation with several major engineering companies involved in... US Dollar 1295 to 6180 not rated
Roark Formulas for Excel Design and analysis of structural elements. not rated
Rockgrout Suite of programs about cement grouting in rock foundations for dams and other heavy engineering structures. Free online not rated
SABRE Sign bridge analysis and evaluation system. not rated
SARA Probabilistic-based assessment of engineering structures. not rated
Scia Steel Scia Steel is modular software for the control of the manufacturing and execution process of steel construction. The core of the system is made of the parts list (abbreviation B.O.M. for "Bill of... not rated
SHLAG Legacy software from 1990 to analyze shear lag in simple and continuous T, I, and Box Beams. Source code in FORTRAN and related reports can be downloaded from the earthquake engineering online... Free not rated
SolidWorks 3D mechanical design software. not rated
TEDDS Electronic "calculation pad" for repetitive structural engineering calculations. Available as TEDDS Engineering Library (standalone program) or as TEDDS for Word for integration into MS Word... not rated
VisualABC Analysis of continuous beams or multi-story columns. not rated