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Title Description License Type Price Rating
Advance Steel

Advance Steel was specifically developed for industry professionals that require a comprehensive and completely integrated package in AutoCAD. Advance Steel automates the entire structural CAD...

Commercial Euro 7800 not rated
Altiscad Intellishape

Altiscad Intellishape is a general purpose biaxial bending calculation software tool, developed to design and check any geometry cross section. The software allows to design and check the bearing...

Commercial, Educational Euro 850 4.0000/5.0
cba (continuous beam analysis)

Continuous beam analysis - calculates member forces and support reactions of a continuous beam.

GNU General Public License (GPL), Open Source Free not rated

Software to digitize data from graphs for Engineering design calculations and analysis. Add-in support for MathCAD, Matlab and Excel. Free trial available.

Commercial, Trial Version (Free) US Dollar 50 not rated
Framing Worx

Software for design of entire building framing system in one 3D model. Import architectural drawings and start laying out framing plans with intuitive tools. Complete load path from roof to...

Commercial US Dollar 2249 not rated
IDX Beam Analysis Program

The IDX Beam Analysis Tool provides complete analysis of deflection and stresses on any beam. Its intuitive interface enables immediate productivity, while more advanced features allow great...

Commercial, Trial Version (Free) US Dollar 299 not rated

iPROJECT is an intranet product for project managers, investors, CAD professionals and all users working with electronic documents. Easy yet powerful document management on your intranet/extranet...

Commercial US Dollar 1600 not rated

LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench) is a platform and development environment for a visual programming language named "G". It is commonly used for data acquisition,...

Commercial US Dollar 1199 to 4299 not rated
Lateral Worx

Lateral Worx is a versatile program for lateral design of light frame buildings with CAD interface. Comprehensive calculation report and export of shear wall plans to CAD. Design buildings with...

Commercial US Dollar 1249 not rated

RC-PADD stands for "Reinforced Concrete - Post-Analysis Designer and Detailer". It is a special-purpose program for the structural design of reinforced concrete building structures and...

Trial Version (Free) not rated
Scia Engineer

Scia Engineer analyses, designs and details any type of structure. From the simplest to the most complex construction in concrete, steel, aluminium, plastic, timber or mixed, with integration of...

Commercial 4.0000/5.0
SDS/2 Detailing System

SDS/2 enables one to automatically design connections using a 3D model with a multitude of options for beams, columns, bracing and joists.

Connections are designed based on parameters that...

Commercial not rated

UNIT4 BC (previously known as Business Collaborator) is collaboration platform for the construction industry. It facilitates collaboration across teams, automates processes and enables access to...

Commercial British Pounds 250 (About British Pounds 250 Per User) not rated