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Legacy software from 1978 that incorporates a simplified procedure for one-dimensional analysis of generation and dissipation of pore water pressures in a sand deposit due to seismic excitation....

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DIANA is an extensive multi-purpose finite element software package that is used to analyse a variety of technically challenging problems that arise in a wide range of civil, geotechnical, and...

Euro 10000 to 40000 not rated

Geotechnical software for calculation of (1) allowable bearing capacity of shallow foundations; (2) pressuremeter test analysis; (3) plate loading test; (4) soil liquefaction analysis; (5) lateral...

Wutec Geotechnical Software

Geotechnical earthquake engineering and soil dynamics software for 2D static and dynamic finite element analysis of soil-structure interaction; time-history analysis of soil liquefaction and...

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