project management

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4Projects provides a comprehensive toolset for online collaboration, document control, information management.

US Dollar 1000 not rated

Aconex is online project management and collaboration solution for the construction, engineering and facilities management industries.

not rated

Synergis Adept is engineering document and data management solution designed to help companies manage, organize and control access to their critical electronic and capital assets.

not rated

Asite is a collaboration solution for the construction industry that enables to reduce project risk by enhancing project communication, information sharing and project management.

not rated

The BIW Collaboration platform is a powerful suite of SaaS technologies which can be extended to meet customer or team requirements for improved performance and greater control of key business...

not rated
Business Collaborator

Business Collaborator is collaboration platform for the construction industry. It facilitates collaboration across teams, automates processes and enables access to project information, whenever...

not rated

Data and document management system developed specifically for the AEC industry.

not rated

Cadweb is an Internet based project information management system that facilitates, accelerates and records all electronic communication between parties to a construction contract. Cadweb is...

not rated

Causeway's Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions provide companies with the means to leverage knowledge and exercise complete control over information relating to projects,...

not rated

Collabwrite is a web based Project Collaboration and Document Management System designed to help Engineering and Construction firms in Project Management.

(Depends on project) not rated

Web-based project management software for contractors.

not rated
Document Locator

Document Locator is Enterprise Document Management for professionals in Construction and Engineering. It improves collaboration with more efficient review and approval processes, reduces risk with...

(Varies) not rated

DrawMGT is an Internet-based web application that manages construction drawings, documents and related tasks. DrawMGT was created specifically for the heavy construction and tunneling industry. It...

not rated

Project control and collaboration solutions are designed specifically to address the complexity and diversity of engineering and construction projects, bringing new levels of control, productivity...

not rated

Eskudos is scalable solution for document and content management that enables entire teams to work and collaborate within one application. Accessible anytime-anywhere via web browser, greatly...

not rated
Falcon Document Management

Suite of programs for document management (not targeted specifically at the AEC industry): eCopy; FileDirector; ASCENT; ScanFile; Teleform; VirtualReScan.

not rated
MasterControl Quality Management Software Systems

Quality management software system consisting of the following integrated applications:

  • Document Control
  • Corrective and Preventive Action System
  • Change Control...
not rated
Newforma Project Center

Newforma is software developed specifically for the architects, engineers and constructors of the AEC industry to assist them with: (1) Organizing and finding project information; (2)...

not rated

Organice is a software suite for engineering document management and document control. Organice is fully based on Microsoft SharePoint, leveraging existing technology on Windows Server 2003 and...

not rated

Comprehensive software for project management.

not rated

Software for creating a works time schedule including the analysis of timing, costs and resource requirements.

not rated

ProjectWise is a scalable collaboration system used by teams to manage, find, and share CAD and geospatial content, project data, and Office documents.

not rated
ROBOT Office Navigator

A tool for (1) management of project documentation created in different programs; (2) integration of documentation and different programs used in design; (3) management and creation of user's...

not rated

Project extranet service that provides web based project collaboration and information management via a safe and centralised repository for all project information.

not rated

Compact program from project management.

not rated

UNIT4 BC (previously known as Business Collaborator) is collaboration platform for the construction industry. It facilitates collaboration across teams, automates processes and enables access to...

British Pounds 250 (About British Pounds 250 Per User) not rated
Virtual Construction

Suite of technologies that employs 3D modeling to virtually construct the project. It identifies constructability issues during design and/or preconstruction. The 3D model is further utilized to...

not rated