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Recently Added Programs

Software Name Description Date added

Quantity Take-Off from CAD drawings or Raster images. The software allow to automatically obtain a Bill of Quantities from a DWG or DXF drawing or from a PDF, JPG, BMP and other formats.


Bills of quantities, price lists and rate analysis.


Architectural BIM design and 3D object CAD software that enables to obtain floor plan views, section views,
elevation views, isometric views, perspective views and renderings from a single...


Analysis of the heating evolution of I-H shaped steel profiles under fire situation (protected and unprotected profiles).
It is admitted unprotected and fire protected steel profiles. In the...


Software for design reinforced concrete section of any shape and with any reinforcement layout under biaxial bending.
Calculates collapse stages under different assumptions about axial and...


Software for design of circular, square and rectangular hollow section joints.
It allows a large number of Design Codes of different countries, thousands of worldwide profile manufacturers...

GEO5 MSE wall

The program MSE Wall is used to verify mechanically stabilized earth walls and segmental retaining walls reinforced by geogrids.

GEO5 Pile Group

Analysis of group of piles (raft foundations, pile cap)

  • analysis of generally loaded pile group using the spring method (FEM)
  • analysis of vertical bearing capacity of pile group...
  • Dec-19-2012
    GEO5 Package Educational

    Fine offers software only at minimal price to cover program administration and maintenance. The price of 10 seats in the network within Educational licence is 900EUR. This price consists of the HW...

    GEO5 Micropile

    The program verifies tubular micropiles (micropiles reinforced by a steel tube). When calculating the micropile bearing capacity, the program checks both the micropile root and shaft.