Overall Rating 3.4000/5.0
Reliability Rating 4.2500/5.0
Stability Rating 4.2500/5.0
Ease of Use Rating 4.5000/5.0
User Interface Rating 4.5000/5.0
Software Name: PGSuper

Precast-Prestressed Girder design and analysis software.

License Type:
Open Source (Alternate Route Project)
Free online
Data Format:
Design Code:
Source Code


Submitted by Bridge Engineer on
Rating Overall: 5/5.0
Reliability: 5/5.0
Stability: 5/5.0
Ease of use: 5/5.0
User Interface: 5/5.0

This is the best precast-prestressed girder design software available and it is absolutely free.
I think the download address is
There is great support at

Submitted by on
Rating Overall: 2/5.0
Reliability: 2/5.0
Stability: 2/5.0
Ease of use: 3/5.0
User Interface: 3/5.0

Largely developed by Washington DOT. Support is provided by a site owned and maintained by BridgeSight, Inc., a one-man show that appears to be run out of his house. Why would a professional engineer use "free" software for his clients' projects?

Submitted by mkting_at_bridg... on
Rating Overall: 5/5.0
Reliability: 5/5.0
Stability: 5/5.0
Ease of use: 5/5.0
User Interface: 5/5.0

The reviewer above uses political and personal insults to get his/her point across rather than providing technical review information. Obviously, this is someone, probably from a competing software company, with an axe to grind.
PGSuper is developed from joint funding from Washington DOT and Texas DOT because neither was able to find another product (free or commercial) that met their needs. Yes, it is government funded, but for good reasons.
Yes, I run my company out of my house, but No, I’m not alone. Would we be more credible if we rented office space in a local strip mall – I don’t think so.
PGSuper has been used to design hundreds of bridges over the last ten years and we receive nothing but positive feedback from our customers. It is simply the most capable, user-friendly, precast bridge girder software available at any price. Go to and give it a try!
Richard Pickings, P.E., President, BridgeSight Inc.

Submitted by on
Rating Overall: 0/5.0
Reliability: not rated
Stability: not rated
Ease of use: not rated
User Interface: not rated

We strongly believe in the principles of the free market. Government developed, free software has no connection with this because there are simply no customers, only users. A government allocates some money, which is spent developing a piece of software. Then the software is made available to any and all at no cost. So users can download it and some may even say they like it, which is a relative term. But unless they are willing to vote with their dollars, prospective users have no real indication that the software is viable. So in essence, you get what you pay for. We are happy to pay for the software we use. The fact that others continue to purchase the same software we use gives us continuing assurance of its viability and quality. Our own clients continue to retain us for engineering services for a similar reason; they know that the mere fact that we stay in business implies others use us and are happy with our services. Basically, it's a testament to the success of capitalism.

Submitted by Richard Pickings on
Rating Overall: 5/5.0
Reliability: 5/5.0
Stability: 5/5.0
Ease of use: 5/5.0
User Interface: 5/5.0

I’m sad to see such off-topic, negative anonymous comments. The entire Internet’s infrastructure is based on open-source software funded mostly via public/private partnerships. PGSuper uses this same business model and so does Google, Amazon, FaceBook, even Microsoft and Apple, and many others. This may not be old-school capitalism, but it has created the most productive and efficient market environment in the history of the world.
PGSuper is in its 15th year and still growing stronger. In 2013, BridgeSight introduced PGSuper Professional, an enhanced commercial version of PGSuper with support services. PGSuper Pro’s release has been very successful: selling to private consults, public agencies, and international firms. This answers the free-market argument made above.
Now to what really counts: PGSuper and PGSuper Professional are the most capable and comprehensive precast-prestressed bridge girder design programs in the world. If you don’t believe me, go to our product comparison page to see the facts at
Richard Pickings, P.E., President, BridgeSight Inc.