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Drawing exchange format (by AutoDesk).
2D and 3D CAD
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2D3DSteel 2.1 is an AutoCAD VLX application that draws accurate steel shapes in AutoCAD 2000 through 2007. Any of the shapes available in ShapeBook can be quickly added, in 2D or 3D, to your...

not rated
ADAPT-Floor Pro

Program for analysis, design and investigation of slab systems: design of reinforced concrete slab systems; design of post-tensioned slab systems; import data from dxf, dwg files; import geometry...

Commercial, Educational, Trial Version (Free) (Contact the dealer for quote at sales@adaptsoft.com) 3.0000/5.0

Standalone program for analysis and design of post-tensioned slab systems and beam frames: one-way and two-way slabs, flat slabs, slabs with drop panels, waffle slabs, joist slabs, beams (L, T,...

Commercial (Contact the dealer for quote at sales@adaptsoft.com) not rated
Advance Concrete

Advance Concrete is modeling software for structural engineers and detailers seeking a simple to use and completely integrated package in AutoCAD to create all their construction drawings.

Commercial Euro 6300 not rated
Advance Design

Advance Design was specifically developed for industry professionals that require a superior solution for the structural analysis and design of Reinforced Concrete and Steel structures. Advance...

Commercial Euro 7500 not rated
Advance Steel

Advance Steel was specifically developed for industry professionals that require a comprehensive and completely integrated package in AutoCAD. Advance Steel automates the entire structural CAD...

Commercial Euro 7800 not rated

Nemetschek Allplan provides object-oriented planning and design software for architects and engineers. It enables users to create architectural and structure models, as well as obtain information...

Commercial, Educational, Trial Version (Free) (Contact the dealer for quote) not rated

The program assist engineers to design safe masonry buildings in the seismic regions of Europe. This development was initiated by the introduction of Eurocode 2, 6 and 8 in Europe. These standards...

Commercial Euro 390 not rated

Drafting and detailing software.

Commercial not rated
Autodesk Revit Structure Suite

AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite combines AutoCAD software with the Revit Structure building information modeling (BIM) application.

Commercial not rated

Structural analysis software for steel, concrete, wood, aluminum or composite structures. Design of steel and concrete beams, columns, slabs, membranes, shells.

Trial Version (Free) Free not rated

Integrated solution for RC beam design, detailing, drafting and scheduling.

Commercial, Trial Version (Free) not rated
Box Culverts

Box Culverts is a program developed for the design and analysis of reinforced concrete box culverts used for underpasses, subways, and drainage works . They can be rectangular, trapezoidal or any...

Commercial Euro 958 not rated
Cadre Geo

Design utility for generating a wide variety of geodesic and spherical 3D models (wire frame or solid) for CAD and finite element analysis applications. Outputs clean DXF files suitable for CAD or...

Commercial, Trial Version (Free) US Dollar 75 not rated
Cadre Lite

Finite element structural analysis software for beam type structures. Static and dynamic analysis capabilities.

Commercial, Trial Version (Free) US Dollar 142 not rated
Cadre Pro

Finite element structural analysis software for plate and beam type structures. Buckling, p-delta, dynamic vibration and shock analysis capabilities. Unique element types include eccentric end-...

Commercial, Trial Version (Free) US Dollar 385 not rated
CSI Detailer

Detailing of reinforced concrete structures.

Commercial not rated

CYPECAD is software for the analysis and design of reinforced concrete and steel structures, subject to horizontal and vertical loads, for homes, buildings and civil work projects. Has the ability...

Commercial, Educational, Trial Version (Free) Euro 3316 not rated

DesconWin is a software program for designing beam-to-column connections, beam and column splices, and beam to girder connections, of steel buildings. Simple shear connections, and partially or...

not rated

Analysis and design of steel buildings. Steel connections design.

Commercial 5.0000/5.0
Framing Worx

Software for design of entire building framing system in one 3D model. Import architectural drawings and start laying out framing plans with intuitive tools. Complete load path from roof to...

Commercial US Dollar 2249 not rated

The GEO5 suite of programs is designed to solve various geotechnical problems from foundation and wall design to stability and settlement analyses. The easy -to -use suite consists of individual...

Commercial 450 to 11500 (Varies depending on included programs) 3.5000/5.0
GEO5 Abutment

The program provides facilities for bridge abutments and wing walls analysis. Abutment program is a part of a geotechnical software suite GEO5. It is easy to understand and use system comprises...

Commercial Euro 540 not rated

Modelling of various geotechnical problems by the Finite Element Method.
The program can model a wide range of geotechnical problems including terrain settlement, sheet piling/diaphragm...

Commercial, Educational, Trial Version (Free) Euro 2350 not rated
GEO5 MSE wall

The program MSE Wall is used to verify mechanically stabilized earth walls and segmental retaining walls reinforced by geogrids.

Commercial Euro 540 not rated
GEO5 Package Educational

Fine offers software only at minimal price to cover program administration and maintenance. The price of 10 seats in the network within Educational licence is 900EUR. This price consists of the HW...

Educational Euro (Depends on number of seats) not rated
GEO5 Pile Group

Analysis of group of piles (raft foundations, pile cap)

  • analysis of generally loaded pile group using the spring method (FEM)
  • analysis of vertical bearing capacity of pile group...
  • Commercial Euro 700 not rated
    GEO5 Plate

    The program performs the analysis of foundation mats, slabs on grade of any shape using the Finite Element Method.

    Commercial, Educational, Trial Version (Free) Euro 1300 not rated
    GEO5 Sheeting Design

    Sheeting Design – Design and analysis of sheet piles and other retaining wall types.
    The program is used for design and analysis of variety of retaining structures such as anchored retaining...

    Commercial, Educational, Trial Version (Free) Euro 450 not rated
    GrafiCalc 2010

    GrafiCalc 2009 is self-contained software that combines the disciplines of constrained sketching and "smart" calculations within one application that enables users to solve a wide range...

    Commercial not rated
    GT Strudl

    Structural Design & Analysis software programs for Architectural - Engineering - Construction (AEC), CAE/CAD, utilities, offshore, industrial, nuclear and civil works facilities.


    Commercial US Dollar 2400 to 4750 not rated

    Finite-element-based analysis and design software for structural and earthquake engineering.

    Commercial not rated
    LUSAS Academic

    LUSAS Academic is for use only by educational establishments for teaching purposes and research.

    By using the software protection device and licence key supplied, the full licenced version...

    Educational US Dollar 700 (US Dollars 700 for first unsupported licence, US Dollars 70 for additional licences. Support option ) not rated
    LUSAS Bridge

    Finite element analysis software for the design, analysis and load rating / assessment of bridge types.

    Software in available in 3 software levels with software options available to extend...

    Commercial, Educational (Varies based on license and options) not rated
    LUSAS Civil & Structural

    Structural engineering analysis software with comprehensive facilities for all types of civil and structural analysis including linear, nonlinear, staged construction, creep, prestress, post...

    Commercial, Educational (Varies based on license and options) not rated
    LUSAS Composite

    Composite engineering analysis software with advanced shell and solid composite elements for all types of composite engineering.

    LUSAS Composite allows easy definition and visualisation of...

    Commercial, Educational not rated
    MasterCAD General Frame

    Drawing production and 3D model exchange center of the MasterSeries. Providing a multitude of import and export capabilities.

    Commercial not rated

    Integrated software suite for structural analysis, design, drafting and detailing. Includes the following program groups: MasterFrame (space frame analysis); MasterPort (portal frame analysis and...

    Commercial not rated
    Metal 3D

    Program for the design of steel, aluminium and timber structures; including the design of connections, ties, bracing, etc.

    Commercial Euro 2448.2 not rated

    CAD application for all infrastructure design, construction and operations.

    Commercial 4.0000/5.0

    Organice is a software suite for engineering document management and document control. Organice is fully based on Microsoft SharePoint, leveraging existing technology on Windows Server 2003 and...

    Commercial, Trial Version (Free) not rated

    General 2D structural analysis software.

    Commercial 5.0000/5.0
    Pro/Bridge Geometry

    Pro/Bridge-Geometry is a versatile bridge modeling system that enables engineers to use the basic geometric parameters of road surface and bridge components to capture the complete 3-D geometry of...

    Commercial US Dollar 3500 not rated

    Design of concrete or masonry retaining walls.

    Commercial, Trial Version (Free) 5.0000/5.0

    Comprehensive program for design of steel connections.

    not rated

    Program for analysis of portal frames. Includes elastic, elastic-plastic and rigorous minimum weight plastic design - all in the one program. It also has advanced 2nd order and stability methods...

    not rated
    Reinforced Concrete Cantilever Wall

    Program to design and check reinforced cantilever walls for soil retention. An automatic geometric pre-design is carried out as well as the section reinforcement and geometric and reinforcement...

    Commercial Euro 1438.2 not rated
    Revit Structure

    Revit Structure software integrates a multimaterial physical model with an independently editable analytical model for efficient analysis, design, and documentation. Create your own models or...

    Commercial, Trial Version (Free) not rated

    General 3D frame and finite elements structural analysis software.

    Commercial US Dollar 3000 (US Dollars 3000 and up) not rated

    Integrated software for structural analysis and design.

    Commercial, Trial Version (Free) not rated
    SDS/2 Detailing System

    SDS/2 enables one to automatically design connections using a 3D model with a multitude of options for beams, columns, bracing and joists.

    Connections are designed based on parameters that...

    Commercial not rated

    SectionCalc enables to quickly calculate the following 14 sectional properties from graphical input: area, centroid location, perimeter, moments of inertia (Ixx and Iyy), product of inertia, polar...

    Commercial US Dollar 99 not rated

    ShapeBook with 2D3DSteel is a quick reference and AutoCAD parametric drafting application for structural steel design and detailing. ShapeBook is based on the AISC Manual of Steel Construction...

    not rated

    Software for generation of steel, concrete and composite cross sections and stresses analysis.

    Commercial, Trial Version (Free) US Dollar 99 5.0000/5.0
    Sigma-X Post Tension Floor

    Sigma-X Post Tension Floor is based on equivalent frame method and enables to model any shaped slab, supporting walls and columns and any number of voids. Post tensioning tendons can be bonded or...

    Commercial not rated
    Sigma-X Section

    Calculates geometric and material properties of standard, arbitrary and built Up sections. Features powerful drawing and editing tools including polar and orthogonal tracking, curves, shape...

    Commercial 5.0000/5.0

    Computer program for analysing the stability of slopes. The program is also applicable to earth pressure and bearing capacity problems. Optional facilities are available for the analysis and...

    Commercial not rated
    Slope Stability (Fine)

    The slope stability problem is solved in a two dimensional environment. The slip surface can be modeled in two different ways - the circular one (Bishop or Petterson method), or the polygonal one...

    Commercial Euro 580 not rated
    Soft Burn

    SoftBurn is a CNC Plate Burner Software that Scans virtually any Connection Material sheet or P sheet of plates detailed for fabrication. Soft Burn will scan (read) these drawings of plates, and...

    Commercial (Undisclosed) not rated

    SoftScan is a generic Bill of Material scanner designed to read data from various CAD systems (such as DWG or DXF) and to export them into many other output formats. Also creates a suite of...

    Commercial US Dollar 1195 not rated
    Software by NYacad, Inc.

    Collection of programs for AutoCad by NYacad includes: SolidStructural - 3D steel autodetailing system; ACAD Officer; SDS Macro VA; Hatch Fast; SDS-DXF convert; etc.

    not rated

    3D mechanical design software.

    Commercial not rated

    STAAD is structural engineering software for 3D model generation, analysis and multi-material design. Capabilities for static, dynamic, or pushover analysis of bridges, containment structures,...

    Commercial not rated
    Tekla Structures

    Fully integrated 3D solution that enables creation and management of complete 3D building models regardless of material or structural complexity. The Tekla Structures solution covers the whole...

    Commercial not rated

    VisualFoundation automates much of your work involved in designing complex mat footings. All you need to do is specify the locations, sizes, materials and loading and VisualFoundation will take...

    Commercial, Trial Version (Free) US Dollar 790 (US Dollars 790 and up depending on license) not rated

    Z88 is a free (OpenSource resp. Freeware) finite element software package available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Unix/Linux computers. Versions are available for 32-bit and 64-bit operating...

    GNU General Public License (GPL) Free not rated